Revising Bloodstained Shadows

Yes, I haven’t yet finished the first draft for Bloodstained Shadows. I know I should just let plot holes lie and finish one draft before revising it into a second draft. That would certainly be quicker, right? Alas, that’s just not how my process works. Believe me, I know how frustrating that is.



I need to revise the hell out of the first five chapters of Bloodstained Shadows before my mind will allow me to move on to chapter six. There were parts in the first five chapters that just didn’t click for me, and my stubborn two-year-old brain refuses to allow those things to be what they are while I continue the story.


But I don’t wanna!!!!!!


Tough titty said the kitty! Guess I’ll be totally rewriting those chapters tonight… hopefully tonight. If the kids cooperate just a teeny tiny bit, it’ll be tonight.

But hey – bright side – then I’ll be able to move forward with chapter six+! And… I should probably finish that Halloween-themed short story I was working on, huh?


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