When a New Idea Overrides Sensibility

I’ve finished drafting the first five chapters of the Bloodstained Shadows series, and posted those rough drafts to Patreon, but I find myself uncontrollably pulled to begin writing a different series. And so I am…

Don’t get me wrong, the Bloodstained Shadows WIP is still my primary focus. Which is difficult to maintain since I’m so sucked into this new Victorian era, steampunky-ish, dark sci-fi world. I’ve been researching the Victorian era, with an emphasis on 1870s Massachusetts (because for some unknown reason that feels like the perfect time period to start in), for the past few days.

It’s not even one of the two WIPs I already put on the back burner in order to keep my focus centered on the universe of Shadow Cove! Really, the problem is that my mind insists on creating too many completely different universes at once. And I suppose there are far too many people trapped in my head to all live in the same universe. That could be a part of it.

And yet…

I’m not complaining. I’m blessed to have so much inspiration, to fall in love with so many universes, so many complex and interesting characters – or, really, people. I just wish that blessing also came with a few extra, quiet, time-standing-still, nothing-else-to-do hours in the day!

Must type faster!

*Featured image under CC0 license via DreamsTime.com*



Preliminary Blurbs for WIPs

The WIP I am currently focused on finishing:

Working Title: Bloodstained Shadows (first of a series without a definitive end in sight)

Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy

Preliminary Blurb:

Shadow Cove, Oregon is known among the paranormal population as the only town where they can openly be what they are, but that doesn’t mean everyone gets along. Many paranormals choose to blend in with, or live on the fringes of, human society rather than deal with the inevitable drama and politics. But when Kyra Waters needs to obtain justice for the murder of her mother, Shadow Cove is the only place where it can be found.

Two WIPs that are on the back burner, which I plan to pick back up after getting at least the first three in the above series completed:

1) Working Title: Born of Science and Myth

Genre: Sci-Fi Horror

Preliminary Blurb:

Ellen Farraday is a scientist who wants to take advantage of modern day chimera techniques to help her fellow man become stronger, healthier, better. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and Ellen’s daughter, Tala, never asked to be a monster.

2) Working Title: The Winter Chronicles

Genre: Fantasy

Preliminary Blurb:

Emily Morgan thought she was normal. Nothing prepared her for the centaur who needed her, the warlock who threatened her, or the world hidden beneath her. Still, quests and unknown destinies aside, who doesn’t want to meet a unicorn?