Getting Back on Track

It took a bit longer than hoped, but I did manage to finish revising the first five chapters of Bloodstained Shadows. I even remembered to update the drafts of those chapters on Patreon. Yay! 🙂

Of course, I forgot to update the first two on this blog. Boo! 😦

After doing that, as I’d hoped, chapters 6-10 have started flowing rather well!

Now to catch up on a great many other writing-related things.

Obviously, I myself am a work in progress!


Revising Bloodstained Shadows

Yes, I haven’t yet finished the first draft for Bloodstained Shadows. I know I should just let plot holes lie and finish one draft before revising it into a second draft. That would certainly be quicker, right? Alas, that’s just not how my process works. Believe me, I know how frustrating that is.



I need to revise the hell out of the first five chapters of Bloodstained Shadows before my mind will allow me to move on to chapter six. There were parts in the first five chapters that just didn’t click for me, and my stubborn two-year-old brain refuses to allow those things to be what they are while I continue the story.


But I don’t wanna!!!!!!


Tough titty said the kitty! Guess I’ll be totally rewriting those chapters tonight… hopefully tonight. If the kids cooperate just a teeny tiny bit, it’ll be tonight.

But hey – bright side – then I’ll be able to move forward with chapter six+! And… I should probably finish that Halloween-themed short story I was working on, huh?

When a New Idea Overrides Sensibility

I’ve finished drafting the first five chapters of the Bloodstained Shadows series, and posted those rough drafts to Patreon, but I find myself uncontrollably pulled to begin writing a different series. And so I am…

Don’t get me wrong, the Bloodstained Shadows WIP is still my primary focus. Which is difficult to maintain since I’m so sucked into this new Victorian era, steampunky-ish, dark sci-fi world. I’ve been researching the Victorian era, with an emphasis on 1870s Massachusetts (because for some unknown reason that feels like the perfect time period to start in), for the past few days.

It’s not even one of the two WIPs I already put on the back burner in order to keep my focus centered on the universe of Shadow Cove! Really, the problem is that my mind insists on creating too many completely different universes at once. And I suppose there are far too many people trapped in my head to all live in the same universe. That could be a part of it.

And yet…

I’m not complaining. I’m blessed to have so much inspiration, to fall in love with so many universes, so many complex and interesting characters – or, really, people. I just wish that blessing also came with a few extra, quiet, time-standing-still, nothing-else-to-do hours in the day!

Must type faster!

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